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Movies that need to happen


Wade sucks at apologies


The Tony Stark from his world is dead. This one isn’t.

Happy Birthday, Rin. ♥

Wasp or not Wasp…

"Janet van Dyne erased from the MCU", well, it’s fine for me, she just does not thrill me. Wasp can be a founding member of Avengers in comics but does not attract me as a character as Black Widow or Ms. Marvel. But yes that I would love Carol Danvers with a movie solo or in the future she integrates into the Avengers.

And that Janet doesn’t appear in MCU it’s neither a crime nor a conspiracy of Marvel studios against the women.


"…May I ask why.”

"Hey, hey, hey! My shower, my rules, right? But I actually have a good reason for it, so no need to set places of fire. I found out that someone other than me has been using it 24/7 and honestly, I thought it was Barton because he’s a dick so I wanted to caught him in the act but — Why are you even using my shower, anyway?”

"… My shower is broken."

"And you’re telling me that you, Headmaster of Hogwarts can’t magic up a new one? Geez, this is why you called me? How did you get my number, anyway?” 

here we go again. . …


"Oh my god. You’re a virgin. You’re a fucking virgin. I -wait. Wait. Are you even legal? You don’t look legal. Your horns were a feet long last time and now they’re like three inches or something- Loki, fuck, are you an adult? Please tell me you’re an adult."

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Access Hollywood: So how about Iron Man 4?

RDJ: I wonder. Let me put it this way…I bet there will be an announcement of some sort sooner than later.”


'Extra: There’s a lot of rumblings going on about Iron Man 4.
RDJ: Are there?
Extra: Yes! Is it gonna happen?
RDJ: Um … something’s gonna happen. I can tell you that much.”


An announcement of ‘some sort’. ‘Something’s gonna happen’.

There was no reason for Marvel to announce GOTG 2 at comic con. None at all. Why announce a sequel to a movie that hasn’t been released yet when you have so many other un-named movies being speculated over? Unless…the biggest star in your universe is going to be in the next one.

I think there will be two post movie scenes in GOTG. One half way through the credits that will tease Age of Ultron and one fully after the credits that will show Tony. In the suit. In space. With Starlord. 

It’s a perfect fit. Robert gets to continue as Tony but doesn’t have to carry a full movie. Marvel gets to keep Robert. Iron Man as a Guardian is canon (as is Carol) and now they have a way to pull the cosmic Guardians (and Thanos) into the earthly 616 and can roll into Avengers 3 with a larger roster, a bigger canvas and an interweaving thread to complete the Infinity thread.

So, maybe I’m wrong but, I think Robert’s ‘sooner rather than later’ will be this weekend after the movie opens and I think Iron Man/Tony’s next cinematic outing will be as a Guardian and not a solo movie.