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Finished them \*o*/ My two favourite (anime) things combined! Also posted on pixiv:

PPPM ☆ PKMN | hitsu [pixiv]

Now I need to… do Christmas stuff… like all my Christmas shopping fml


Fixed it.

unpopular opinion: I don't want a Black Widow movie. I think there are better female characters to choose from


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-shifts uncomfortably- I kind of agree with this. I love Black Widow, but. She’s been in three films now and honestly, I’m still kind of… neutral towards her? She’s a great character and I enjoy seeing her on-screen, but I don’t get incredibly excited at the thought of a whole film centered around her. I like superhero films, and I don’t really think of her as a superhero? A hero, yes, and someone to be admired, but… I would much rather have a film about Carol Danvers or America Chavez or Jessica Drew  or Janet Van Dyne or Wanda Maximoff or Kamala Khan or…. et cetera et cetera.

By The Geek Twins [x]


I have found the love child of Tony and Loki. Let us deliberate, shall we?

Hair: Come on, that is all Stark. That is 100% unadulterated Stark.
Facial hair: Do I really need to say anything about that? I mean, really?
Eyes: Definitely Loki. That is allllllll Loki. Do not question me.
Bone structure: 683% Loki Laufeyson. SIX-HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-THREE PERCENT, DAMMIT!

Listen, this is just their child. Okay. Now we have something to base their absolutely perfect son off of.

"You know who I am 
I know who you are.
You know where I’ve been
I know where you’ve been…
That’s all I’m gonna tell you.”

x }


"Are you flirting with me, Lokes? Because honestly that’s just fucking weird, considering that you look like a teenager."
"You’re just making me hate myself for liking it."

another aoa!frostiron manip because………… i’m so deep there’s no coming back

» The reason I don’t like IM3 is Super Pepper…

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Excuse me?! Beyond what I can do? Oh HELL now it is ON!


(from The Art of Captain America: Winter Soldier)